demo daze

i hate making imaging demos.  literally…HATE IT!

it’s not because i think what i make is crap or anything like that, it’s really because i’ve produced so many things over the year that i don’t really have the patience to go through all of it.  it’s tedious and you’re usually going to find something months later that you forgot you made and then you have to revise it again.

so very recently, i started keeping a folder seperate from my archives purely for pieces i’d consider putting on a demo.  i can usually tell when something is demo worthy when i can’t stop listening to it.  i tend to be pretty critical with my work (always looking for things to change), so if i can get through listening to something 5 or 6 times without changing it, it goes in the folder.  sure it’ll double up on your hard drive usage, but in the end, it’ll save you time when it comes to putting together a brand new demo.

speaking of demos…i just finished a new one.  have a listen and i’d love to hear your thoughts.