Flash, Boom, Bang…BRING THE NOISE! Introducing FameFX

so my buddies, oli and andy, the guys behind benztown and soundquadrat have come out with a great new fx package called FameFX. it’s pure buyout and it’s amazing!

the effects are supersonic and huge, the beds are super fat and there’s enough mixouts to create your own sounds! the full package is about $299 and totally worth it. if you’re doing a CHR or HOTAC, you’re definitely gonna want to pick this thing up.

click the flashy picture thingy to get to the FameFX website.


Click Here to Buy FameFX

have fun with your new toys!


Number 1!

okay…first post…has to be a good one.  still trying to figure out how to work this thing, but hopefully i’ll get this right.

i woke up in a weird mood today and thankfully, after opening up my facebook account, my buddy chuck matthews (www.chuckmatthewsvoice.com), posted this little gem (you really only need to watch the first 30 seconds):

after getting through the morning insanity at the office, for some unknown reason, i came up with this.  **WARNING** explicit language…you’ve been warned!:

it’s weird…kinda gross, but what have you done today?