Webchat – Radio Production Tips and Tricks

so the guys at benztown have asked me to participate in a webinar about radio imaging and production. because it’s such a broad topic, we’re going to leave it pretty open as far as topics go and see what the everyone wants to talk about. for this one, it’s looking like me, andy and a special guest producer will be moderating.

if you’re interested in joining in, hit up the benztown guys here and rsvp.

the date and time of the webinar will be determined in the next few days and we’ll be sending out that information to everyone who registers.

personally, i’m really looking forward to the webinar because it’ll give us a chance to talk to a bunch of different people and see how everyone else approaches the same idea. it’s going to be a great time and who knows, maybe this’ll be the first in a series of webinars that will help current and future producers for a long time

big ups to the benztown boys for this great idea and continuing to contribute and progress our craft.