radio imaging demo – HotAC/CHR

radio imaging demo – Country

radio voiceover demo

commercial voiceover demo =======================================



  1. I program a couple of country stations & have been doing the majority of the production for our imaging through Adobe audition 3. after listening to these samples I would like to know what are the voice settings. How are you getting that crisp, clean sound?

    • hi john,

      thanks for stopping by. it’s really a simple EQ chain. i like to use the REQ6 and L1 Ultramaximizer in the waves bundle, but you can emulate with any FX bundle i think.

      first, i’ll take a 6band EQ (or any parametric EQ) and i’ll roll off about 150-175hz from the bottom. that way you’re not fighting with any of the lower frequencies from your music beds. you could go as high as 250hz, but i still like to keep the VO sounding natural, so i don’t really like to go that high.

      then, i’ll bump the highs just a little bit around the 5K area…just give it a little bump. if you go too much, it could start distorting.

      next, i’ll take a compressor and smash it with a threshold of about -8db, an outceiling of -.3db and a release time of about 12ms.

      after that, i’ll add a touch of reverb. i like to use the medium vocal reverb in the “studio reverb” fx in AA3. i’ll change the dry to 100% and the wet to 5%.

      once i got through all of that, i’ll hard limit again to even out the audio and then normalize it.

      hopefully that helps you out some. it’s changed a little bit over time, but that’s really where i started from. if you want, i can try and send over some screenshots for you to look at.


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